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The framework of Teacher Continuous Professional Development portfolio & teacher Licensure-Every teacher must know!


The National Teaching Council (NTC) is mandated by the Education Act 2008 (Act 778), section 9 to improve the professional standing and status of teachers and to license and register teachers in Ghana. According to the NTC, every professional teacher in the Ghana Education Service is required to register for an online account with the NTC for the purposes of Teacher Continuous Professional Development(TPCD) programmes and Portfolio Development and Assessment.
Teachers who have not yet registered for their license should do so by CLICKING HERE and following the steps.

All is set for the NTC to register and license all teachers in the country. Currently, licensing of teachers is on a pilot basis in some selected districts. Thereafter, the exercise will be scaled up to the rest of the districts.
All in-service teachers will receive an automatic license from the NTC. The council has however asked the persons who cannot verify their staff IDs and SSNIT numbers to follow these steps to get their problems solved. All affected persons should do so by CLICKING HERE
After a teacher has been licensed his/her name automatically goes to the NTC digital register.
However, the license will expire after a 3-year cycle and is subjected to renewal after the 3-year period.

The basis upon which one’s license can be renewed will be based on;
1.Attending TCPD programmes
2.Building portfolio according to the standards set by the NTC.
Teachers are to note that, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses are categorized as;
a. Mandatory
b.Ranked based
c.Recommended courses.

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Therefore, the teacher is required to attend 3 CPD courses in a term, 9 courses in a year, and 27 courses in the 3-year cycle (in the case of schools practicing 3 terms in a year). For schools practicing two terms or semesters, a teacher should have undergone 6 CPD courses per semester. This attests to the fact that teachers at the primary school will have to attend many CPD courses than the teacher at the Junior High School or Senior High School. Every teacher must meet that requirement.

Meanwhile, as a licensed teacher you are also required to build a portfolio for assessment by a portfolio assessor. This will lead to the award of credit points towards the renewal of your license and for the purposes of promotion. According to the new development, teachers will not have to walk to promotional interviews carrying documents.
Teachers’ record of work, shreds of evidence of CPD activities, certificates, and Portfolio would have been uploaded to the TCPD portal to show proof of your work.
Every CPD course undertaken can be uploaded to the TCPD portal by opening the portal With your PIN to upload your records and access CPD activities by accredited service providers.

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Portfolio Assessors can also see your portfolio and advise you or award credit points to you.
Now, even holding positions like staff secretary in a school, sports teacher, and other co-curricular activities can lead to an award of credit points. Mentoring a newly trained teacher also yields points.

However, teachers are to note that TCPD programmes include but not limited to PLC(SBI, CBI, DBI). It also advisable to note that workshops organized by accredited service providers are also CPD courses.
A teacher who fail to meet the requirements of the teaching profession as set out by the NTC cannot practice as a teacher according to the Teacher Regulatory Act. In that circumstance, license of such an individual will not be renewed and salary is automatically cut off from the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD).
Meanwhile, the NTC in notifying its members about the status of their license will send an SMS indicating that, “your license has expired. See the NTC for discussion”.

To register for the TCPD online account, one must have a valid email and password. This is because the registration link will be sent to your email account for retrieval and continuation of the process until 100% success is achieved. CLICK HERE TO START THE REGISTRATION PROCESS OR CHECK YOUR STATUS


  1. Well appreciated but the issue here is that at the end of a term, semester or year if the region, district, circuit or school is not able to to organize the Said number of work shops to meet the requirements; what should one do?


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