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The Hidden Treasure- The Yield of Hard Work


Once, there lived a noble farmer called Agya Appiah. He lived with his wife and three sons. They lived in a village called Obrayebona. Agya Appiah was well known throughout the village. His fame rested on his hard work and humility. He owned a large plot of fertile land. He had done a lot of hard work as a young man and had spent the greater part of his earnings in purchasing this piece of land. But unfortunately for him, his three sons Dapaa, Nsia and Mensah were lazy and didn’t want to work on the land. Agya Appiah was very sad because none of his sons wanted to step into his shoes.

Suddenly, one day, Agya Appiah was taken ill. The illness became serious day by day and he
knew he would not survive. One evening, he called his sons together. “Children”, he said, “you know how serious my illness has become. I know I am not likely to live for many more days.

I have therefore decided to tell you something I kept secret for many years”. “We are all ears,
Papa” the boys said. “Well, I have something valuable to give to the three of you . I have hidden it on that piece of land. I shall not tell you where in particular. You will have to search for it yourself. If you find it, you will be the richest young men in your time.”

A few days after he had said this, Agya Appiah gave up the ghost. The three brothers soon set
to work on the land in their attempt to find the treasure their had spoken about. “We need to
work harder” said Dapaa the eldest of the three. “You must remember what Papa said, “if you
can find the treasure, you will be the richest young men in your time” he said.
Encouraged by their father’s words, the three brothers continued to work harder and harder on the land, day after day. They cleared the bushes and dug the ground and dug and dug, but they did not find the hidden treasure.
“Brothers”, said Nsia one evening, “we have done so much work on this land already, but we
have not found the treasure Papa spoke about. I suggest we put the land to some good use.
Instead of just clearing and digging and looking for the treasure, I suggest we plant some crops
wherever we work. That way, we will own large farms by the time we find the treasure.” However, his two other brothers did not buy his idea so they quit the work in despair.

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Nonetheless, Nsia was never discouraged by his brothers’ attitude. On the next morning, he
called his friends to him plant some crops on all the places they had already worked. They planted different kinds of cash crops – cocoa, coffee and cashew. They also planted vegetables fruits.

When they had finished, they continued the clearing and digging until the entire land was completely tilled but they did not find the treasure Agya Appiah had told them about.
However, Nsia continued to cultivate the land and kept his farm in shape.

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Few years later, the crops began to bear fruits. Eventually, Nsia became the richest farmer in the village who owned the biggest cash crops farm. He was adjudged the best farmer in the village. He was given a lot cash and other valuable assets as his prize. His two other brothers continued to wallow in destitution as a result of their laziness.

They later realized their mistake in declining to their younger brother’s advice but it was too late to work again at their ages.
One day the chief of the village Odeneho Sikafo summoned the whole community. He
expressed his joy in the honor Nsia had brought to the entire village through diligence and

He gave Nsia several bars of gold in appreciation of his hard work and promised to
give him another fertile land to expand his farm. Nsia was very happy.

He thanked the chief and his elders and everyone especially his friends who helped him to achieve this feat . He denoted a huge of money in support of the school project in the village and advice everybody especially the youth to industrious because hard work really pays.


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