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“The proposed duration for the first 8 weeks ends Friday 12th. March,2021”-ITN reminds GES


The Informed Teachers Network (ITN) has reminded the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Ghana Education Service (GES) that the proposed 8 weeks for recovery learning will elapse soon. According to the pressure group, the GES and MOE should have at least communicated to educational stakeholders especially teachers as to when the new curriculum also known as the Common Core Programme (CCP) training will come off but that has been done. It is therefore reminding the GES and MOE to do the needful. Read the full article below:

“It made a lot of sense when our employer instructed that we recover learning loses of the previous topics which were left out due to prolonged #COVID19 schools closure.

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The proposed duration is the first 8 weeks ends Friday 12th. March,2021.

_As usual, teachers are supposed to do magic to teach without our employer stocking our toolsbox with texbooks and other materials. Yet, they threatened those of us who managed to procure materials they deemed unapproved.

_The JHS CCP curriculum training has been postponed twice. GES promised to organize the training for JHS teachers within the first 8 weeks so that they can hit the ground running after the recovery period.

Fellow Ghanaians, we are tired of saying the same thing over and over again but we are left with no choice.

_Help us tell the president, Minister of Education as well as the Director General of GES that, primary school teachers are still waiting for copies of the new Curriculum and it’s approved texbooks. A Curriculum that we started implementing as far back as 2019.

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_ Help us to remind them also that, JHS teachers are patiently waiting to receive Training in the implementation of the New CCP before the 8weeks of recovery elapses as promised. If for any reason, it would be postponed again, we want to know what we should start teaching- whether to teach the old syllabus we are familiar with or get the online copies of new CCP and start experimenting like we are doing with the SBC with the JHS1 students in the name of learning recovery”


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