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The twenty-first-century teacher, the complete teacher in the classroom-Worth Reading


The nobility of the teaching profession cannot be debunked by any means. The reason being that this profession created any other form of profession. However, individuals who find themselves in this field of work sometimes overlook certain activities that will help uphold the profession in high esteem.  This article really takes a look at the 21st Century teacher. Some measures to put in place to enable you as a teacher to reach your acme in the teaching profession in the year 2021 and beyond.

Teaching Skills of the Teacher

A teacher cannot succeed if he cannot convey his knowledge to his students no matter how competent he is in the subject matter. Therefore, the teacher needs to have teaching skills. Teachers control the learning and teaching process by way of planning and carrying out the lessons, evaluating students, maintaining the order in the classroom, and ensuring that their students participate in activities that could be beneficial for them to reach the goals of the lesson. No teacher is a repository of knowledge though but as a 21st-century teacher, you must prepare and equip yourself with the necessary pedagogies and subject-based knowledge before attempting to engage your students in the classroom. Hence, reading directly from the book in a form of explaining content must be avoided. Try as much as possible to set concrete examples from your own life experience and your students/pupils will forever love your teaching.

The Personality Traits of the Teacher

Some arguments exhibit that the personality of the teacher is the most important variable in the classroom. Many studies conducted on teachers have shown that a sufficient teacher in terms of personality affects his students in a positive way and an insufficient teacher in terms of personality alienates his students from school or even from learning itself.

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Renowned scholars have proven that the educational features of a teacher are evaluated by who he/she really is rather than what he/she does.

The personality of teachers has many effects on the students; all the elements that make up the personality of the teacher have an influence on the learners and a positive classroom atmosphere; and once a positive classroom atmosphere is created, it continues to affect the student every outside the classroom. Research shows that friendly, flexible, tolerant, humorous teachers who pay attention to their students have a more positive effect on the students’ learning and attitudes when compared to the ones who do not possess these traits. Direct, self-confident teachers who are at peace with themselves accept different opinions, are tolerant, and encourage participation and interactions from students, while anxious and insecure teachers worry about students’ emotions towards themselves. It has been found that the students of friendly teachers are inclined to scientific subjects and more creative. Teachers who possess such personality traits provide emotional support for their students hence the need for you as a teacher to adjust yourself to the above to enhance good delivery ability to enable you to fulfill your duty as a Twenty-First Century Teacher.

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Your Dressing Talks a lot About You

Teachers who dress anyhow are sometimes given names by their students. It is important to note that these names giving to you by your students aren’t to compliment you but to make fun or mockery of you as far as your dressing is concerned. We are not lucky enough in the continent where find ourselves and our profession. The teaching profession is one of the sectors that receive very small amounts of monies as salaries but this condition does not preclude you from dressing decently. Remember, dressing decently does not men wearing expensive clothes. A neatly ironed shirt and trousers with your polished shoes are enough to put you on the map of your students.

Learn to Use Information Technology

The current system of education in Ghana is taken another turn as digitization set in. from our observation, by the year 2030, technology will take over the Ghanaian education system-you ca not do away with it. There is some meaningful number of teachers who do not possess a smartphone neither do talk of knowing how to operate it. Is this not wonderful and shocking?

Well, as a 21st-century teacher, you must possess a laptop computer or a smartphone as well as learn some basic ways of operating it. You need not visit the internet café to enable you to view your monthly payslip when you can personally have access to it on your smartphone or personal computer.


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