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This is why teachers will vote for the NPP come Dec. 7, 2020


It is obvious that most teachers have fallen in love with the New Patriotic Administration (NPP). Although the sector minister is sometimes given some backlashes by teachers; the majority of these teachers think that this current government has played its cards well in terms of education.

Fact checks

The National Democratic Party (NDC) implemented numerous policies that did not favor workers of the chalk fraternity. Among them are;

Cancellation of the teacher training allowances

Allowances that was been paid by all outgone/past governments were cancelled by the Mahama administration somewhere in 2012 when he came to power.

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This actually made students go through a lot of hardship as the majority depended on it for their survival in the various colleges. The leadership of teacher trainees tried their possible best to convince the government to pay but to no avail. I think the most painful aspect of this matter was that the leadership of the NDC replied harshly to students whenever they raised the issue of allowances during the Mahama administration. These same trainees struggled their way out and are now working with the Ghana Education Service (GES). Have they forgotten the stress they went through?

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Salary Arrears

This is one of the greatest fears of the NDC come December 7. Most teachers were denied what is due of them as the erstwhile Mahama administration paid only three months salary to teachers no matter how many months or years you have worked for the government. The current New Patriotic Party (NPP) government according to the Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Bawumia has declared in one of his statement that about 90% of teachers owed arrears have been paid and as matter of fact most teachers can confirm this.


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