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UCC 3-SEM: A quick notice about change of study centres & pay’t of fees


The management of Cape Coast University has made some slight changes concerning the study centres in relation to the 3-semester top-up programme. A message shared with listengh.net indicates that the oversubscription of some centre (college campuses) has led to sudden changes. However, not every student will have his/her study centre changed.

Students who have had their centres changed are notified via SMS or text messages bearing the change of centres and new registration details change. According to the feed made available to us, your previous credentials for the eLearning platform will also change as you are being given a new study centre.


Persons/students who have their centres changed are being sent new credentials(Registration number) hence will be able to login to the eLearning dashboard (Moodle) by using the NEW CREDENTIALS. However, individuals who are unable to log in at the moment will have to wait for a day or two for their details to be fed into the system to enable them to log in. Readers can also leave their challenges in the comments section for the necessary guidance to be given.

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The deadline for the payment of admission fees was extended due to the inability of the university to meet its enrolment deadline. However, the deadline for the payment of fees has been extended to Friday, 18th of December, 2020. However, students who have paid fees and have not been able to verify to enable them to choose their elective and centre, are requested to hold on since the verification page will be restored soon.

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According to the information made available to listengh.net, the reporting date to campus for face-to-face lectures to commence has not changed. Therefore, students should ready themselves as they wait for the 19th of December,2020 where they will be reporting to their various study centres. However, students will be writing all their quizzes and end-of-semester exams in face-to-face mode hence the need for students to take their studies seriously to enable them to excel in their end-of-semester exams.


  1. Good morning. Please I have already paid my fees so I wrote permission letter to my district for approval for further studies, I was told I don’t qualify because according to GES you have to serve for a maximum periods of three years before you can be able to further your studies so went the regional office to find out they also told me the same thing. I have taught for only one year for that matter I don’t qualify
    They can’t give me the approval letter due to that they won’t upgrade me. So please what should I do? I’m disturbed. Please try and tell me something. Thank you.

    • if it is about the ucc topo-up programme, you can go ahead and do it but contact your district GNAT Secretary for further directives. kindly note that even newly trained teachers who are yet to offer their national service have applied as well . contact the your district GNAT secretary

  2. Pls sir someone paid the fees but he said he cannot do the program again, I made half payment but he paid full payment so I want to ask can the institution help by paying into my own to top up to be the full payment for me

    • you will have to contact the institute for clarification but under normal circumstances, if anything of that sought will work out, then the person will have to write an official letter to the institute for transfer of funds into your accounts. also according to what is stated in the admission letter, fees paid are non-refundable. try your luck, you may be lucky.

  3. Please holy child college of education parts of the study centers? (Early child hood education) I chose there and as at now I can’t find any WhatsApp group or any link to join. I am really disturbed.

  4. Please in my admission letter it was stated that my study centre will be given to me after payment am I to select the study centre or the system will generate for me and also I need a contact number to call for further details

  5. I have paid my fees, have my registration and password, and my center remains the same but for about three weeks now I have not been able to log into the elearning dashboard.

  6. Hello good, please my problem is you have sent me a text message asking me to register my courses online using my registration number and my password.Meanwhile,I have not gotten the registration number and my password.The deadline for the online registration too is 19th December,2020.Please what should I do?

  7. Please my name is Asante Bismark, I got a message that my study center has been changed from Wesco to Agona SDA but my registration number didn’t change. Please i want to know if it will not affect me. Am confused

  8. HI am Patrick I have paid my fees the when I verify my admission am told my feed is not processed yet what isn’t the cause please me would I have the chance to study since lectures he begun already


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