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UCC 3-SEM: Here is what to do if you have challenges on applying, fees not reflecting, unable to register for your courses, et’al


Applicants of the second cohort have many challenges which can be solved manually by the institute by just placing a call or email. There are individuals who applied for some couple of weeks now but have not received an admission message from the university.

 Many are those who paid their fees but do not know the way forward or what to do next. Additionally, individuals who have already verified but have not received their registration number and password can contact them as well. CLICK HERE TO GET THE STEPS IN REGISTERING FOR YOUR COURSES

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 Persons who have made payment of admission fees either full or partial should follow the steps in this post to verify their elective and study centre: CLICK HERE TO VERIFY

 Another observation made by Listengh.net indicates that many have applied but have not received any message from the institute up till now. We are urging such individuals to either contact the UCC directly via their email or telephone lines for a prompt response.

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TELEPHONE LINES: 0246337487 or 0203596072

EMAIL: webmaster@ucc.edu.gh

However, interested applicants can still apply by following this post as well. CLICK HERE TO APPLY


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