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UCC 3-SEM: Second batch of applicants should take note of this-Very Urgent


The university of cape coast in conjunction with the Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) on Thursday, November 19th, 2020 sent out messages to all second batch of applicants directing them to pay their admission fees at any designated GCB branch nationwide.

However, some first batch of applicants who have not received their admission yet also receives similar messages as well. From a critical observation made by the Listengh.net news team, many are those who are confused upon receiving the said messages.

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According to a very reliable source, many applicants of the first batch made payment using the wrong UCC account hence the delay in admission processes. The message sent by the commercial bank is to pre-inform applicants on which UCC account and payment mode to be used when admission messages are sent.

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Admission letters are inaccessible without a reference number. The reference number will be made known to you when the university sends you an admission message. Therefore, candidates who receive these messages should have patience and wait for another message from the university.


  1. Mr Ralph please, have they started the e-learning in any of the study centers? Because I paid my fees on 12th Nov, 2020 and yet I have not received my REGISTRATION NUMBER and PASSWORD. Thank you🙏

    • kindly note that currently, the university has not yet issued out institutional emails and passwords yet.
      when these are issued, you will soon start online lectures.

  2. My name is on the first batch admission list and was asked to provide my college index number which I provided and have been waiting for reference number. Unfortunately I have not received any message since then and now they are sending messages to the second group. Kindly advise me what to because I am in delimma here.

    • My name is Lovia Adu Gyamfi with college registration number WACE/017/2015. I applied for the first batch 3 semester program later was sent to me to provide my college registration number which I did but still have not received any admission message.

    • yes..you will wait for a message which contains your admission number from the institute after payment. under normal circumstances, it takes 24-48 hours to receive the message after payment

  3. Please those who have registered online and have print the course outline is there any PDF books for us to learn. And when are we started the face to face lectures. And it will not affect us who are yet to do our nss. Thank you

  4. Please sir, those of us who received messages that we have been offered admission on 22/11/2020, when will be the closing date for the payment of fees?

  5. Hello sir Ralph please I registered for the first badge and I was sent a message to correct my credentials and re submit it again as already applied applicant of which I did exactly that but till now I haven’t receive any message infact I even re apply again and yet still haven’t received any message, what am surprise at is that I applied for some friends of mine due to their poor network and some also I told them to apply and that was way after I applied mine and all of them have received their message. This one will call me I have receive mine message ooo and they will just be calling like that to inform me that they have received their messages leaving me that I applied way way before them. I still can’t understand and am just disturb.

  6. Please, my fees was paid into the outreach program admission account at a branch of Prudential bank as stated in my letter..
    When I log in with my number, the message shows I have not paid. Is it that I have paid into a wrong account and if it’s so, can I retrieve it to the right account?. Good morning

    • It’s just a matter of time
      Many are facing similar issue

      You will definitely be able to select your elective and study centre in the future

  7. Please I applied for the first badge, I received a message from UCC to send a correct index number which I did but since then I haven’t heard anything from them again. Any hope for me?

  8. Please I applied for the first badge I received a message from UCC to correct my index number which I did and had form submitted successfully since from that I haven’t received any message from them. I registered on 16 October but till niw no message my colleagues I registered for have all received their messages me alone have waited for one month and a week still no message.

  9. Hi please, i have a fear and my fear is the centre I may be assigned to when I pay the fees. I wouldn’t be able to travel far for the program. Moreover, I learnt that centres depends on elective and program choice. Please is do you have any idea of where people with English and social studies are assigned to? Please this is crucial to me. Kindly respond to me ASAP. THANKS

  10. Please when you pay more than half of the admission fees,will I be allowed to register the course and the study center? Because I made more than half payment of the admission fees on Friday 27/11/2020. I intend to pay the balance on Wednesday 02/12/2020 God willing

  11. Good morning Mr Raph, I was part of second badge of posting, I have also paid my fees and successfully registered my course.
    The problem I am facing is I was given a link to download an app,Moodle which I did but I am not able to access my course neither to download.
    What do I do?

  12. I have just paid half of fees. Does that mean that I would not be registered and given a centre? Please help the face to face is near

  13. Please, we those that had admission but wasn’t able to pay and join the first batch , can we now pay and join the second batch or different admission letter will be given to us?
    When is the second batch starting ?


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