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UCC-3 SEM: Good news to DBE holders who could not apply or could not honour their admissions


The Institute of Education, University of Cape Coast, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has commenced the Three-Semester Bachelor of Education (Post-Diploma in Basic Education) Programmes in the sandwich mode starting in the first semester of 2020/2021 Academic Year. This is to enable holders of Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) to be upgraded to a Bachelor’s degree.

B.ED. (Post-Diploma) in Early Childhood Education, B.ED. (Post-Diploma) in Primary Education and B.ED. (Post-Diploma) in Junior High School (JHS) Education are the programmes being run.

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Observations made by Listengh.net indicates that many in-service teachers who received admissions could not make it to their various campuses due to circumstance such as inability to meet the deadline for fee payment, the mode of teaching and learning (online Mode) and many more.

The good news is, the UCC 3 semester programme will be run annually by the institute for some time. It will be run till all Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) holders acquire their degree certificates since the main objective of the programme is to upgrade diplomates to degree holders. This certifies that individuals who could not apply and those who were hindered due to financial constraints still have the opportunity to apply next academic year.


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