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NEW: Check your UCC-3 semester programme admission status here


The Management of the Cape Coast University has finally released the admission list of all applicants who applied for the 3-semester top-up programme when the application windows were first opened last month. Many applicants have received their admission status through SMS sent by the University of Cape Coast.

Apply Here: UCC reopens the 3-sem. top-up application portal

However, applicants who did not receive any message must visit the university’s portal to check their status.

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  1. With your smartphone or personal computer, log on to https://admissionlist.ucc.edu.gh/online_letters/admList.php
  2. Enter your Surname only or First name only or programme only or a combination of any of them.
  3. Applicants will need their applicants’ numbers in other to print their admission letters.



  1. Please the new portal, we were not ask of our elective, study centre and lastly after completing the form we are to submit after submitting I didn’t get any notification whether it’s successful or not. Please help

  2. Please, what of we those whom have just applied, will ucc make us part of those whom replied earlier but had received their admission ?

  3. Please I have applied as a new applicant but I didn’t receive any notification as to whether my application was successful or not. What should I do?

  4. Please boss am Benjamin Nyamson I have not received my reference number n my name is Nyamson n they made it Nyamso my number is 0247283842

  5. Please I’m new applicant but I wasn’t asked of the elective/programme and the center I want, please is there any problem or should I really?

  6. Please, i check the link and realised my name is there but in an attempt to print the admission, they ask of reference number. Please, how do I get it

  7. Please my name is in the addmition list but have not receive any message and when ever I try to print they ask of reference number but hasn’t sent to me yet,am kissiwaa Florence

  8. Please my name is on the admission list but I haven’t received my reference number yet, how do I print my admission letter please. My number is 0243226730

  9. Pls I have edited my application form and i have makes corrections,but after submitting it, I had a feedback saying, correct credentials. I want to know if I will get admission or not.(Ayim Isaac)

  10. Please i have paid for the one year top up sandwich program but have not received any message concerning student ID and the study center.

    • Sure, the Programme would be run every year so there is an opportunity for you to apply whenever you are relieved if your burdens

  11. I have tried calling the registry office but I was told to call back and my call will be transferred to the education office but still as at now no one is picking the calls

  12. Thanks a lot for creating this platform to support us.
    I’m Kuupol Hilda, I registered with phone number 0206466608 & 05456671146, I have not yet received my reference number to print my admission letter.
    I trust you will help me.

  13. I moved from Kintampo to Cape Coast Because of admission and my particulars were given out at the office and they told me it will be done that day or the following day but up to day I have not gotten admission yet.
    My name is Akansienge Ishmael Kwadwo.
    Index number TUCE/0180/2016

  14. I applied but there was a mistake in my index number so I was sent a message that I should visit the page and make the necessary corrections. Please I am done with it and I have been waiting for the admission but I haven’t gotten it still. Please can I still get it and be part of the first batch?..
    Everyone else I applied with have all gotten theirs

  15. Please I have paid the admission fees since yesterday but has still not receive any SMS from the institution (UCC) to confirm that. even the STUDENT ID, my LOG IN PASSWORD and my STUDY CENTER all are not sent to me yet kindly assist me in that regards.
    Please note that I am waiting on all those particulars to aid my registration of my courses.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  16. I applied before the introduction of the one year topup . I have admitted read educational psychology but I prefer the one year topup

      • you can still go to the bank and pay on Monday-the deadline has been extended to the 30th of this month.
        note: the earlier you make payment the better cux it takes 24 to 48 hrs for monies paid to reflect. this will however enable you to register for your elective and study centre

  17. Please I received a message today indicating that I have gained admission but after opening the massage I realized that the payment date of the admission fees had expired, please any help?

  18. My name is on the admissions list but did not receive the reference number to be able to print the admission letter. Should I still hope for it to come or I need to reapply?

  19. Please, l have been admitted for the top up but my center ,which is wesley CoE has been changed to Abetifi Presby.
    Can you change the center to suit what l chose or change my program to the one at Wesco?
    Program is Ghanaian Language

  20. please I have applied for the ucc 3_semester degree top up but I haven’t received any message yet, if I click edit form and fill my name and number after submitting it they say no record found, if I click new application and fill my particulars after submitting the say I have already applied, sir I don’t know what I should do, please help me

  21. I also received a message from GCB to pay my tuition fee but when I click on the admission site nothing shows. Please help me sir.

  22. Please sir,I have received the reference number but when I tried to print the admission letter,they said code error.
    Please any help

  23. Pls i registered for the second batch but haven’t received message. A friend of mine whom i registered before have received her massage. Pls what should i do.

  24. Please sir am at the bank but I can’t fill in the form. They are requesting for student I’d, Program. Where should I enter my admission number and reference number

  25. Pls I have received a message I can make a part payment of the fees pls can I n how can I get access to the e-learning prtal n the lectures videos available

  26. I have paid my admission fee at Prudential Bank in full on the 3/12/2020 but I haven’t received any notification. Can you please tell me why?

  27. Please good evening, I am currently pursuing this programme at Berekum College of Education,infact the programme is very good especially for diploma holders but I have a problem of which I need help, I have an omission of a letter in my surname, upon seeing this I wrote a letter to the Registrar’s office at UCC but still I have not seen any changes on my dashboard. Please help me if there other ways to do correction. Thank you.

    • the registry is supposed to rectify that hence the need to keep pushing them till it is corrected.
      Make the necessary follow-ups


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