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We have withheld license certificates of individuals who did not offer educational courses-Registrar, NTC

Registrar, NTC- Dr. Christian Addai-Poku

The Registrar of the National Teaching Council, Dr. Christian Addai-Poku earlier today on Peace FM’s Kokrokoo show with kame Sefa Kayi revealed that all candidates who wrote licensure exam and up till date has not received their certificates has been withheld by the institution.

In his explanation, he indicated that the affected individuals breached the rules of the exams. These people did not study education and as a result, if we give them the license to teach, we may be risking our education system. These people are not equipped with the right pedagogies and methodologies to teach in the classroom. The NTC licensure exams are meant for individuals who pursued an education in the various colleges and universities of education, he added.

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He defended the decision taken by the council as not being discriminatory.

He indicated that if non-professional teachers are allowed to teach in our education sector, what will happen to individuals who have been trained as professional teachers, he asked.because without education as a course studied at the tertiary, you cannot teach.

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However, he urged all those affected persons should offer a post-graduate diploma course in any of the accredited tertiary institutions in order for their licensure certificates to release to them.

Dr. Christian Addai-Poku assured the general public that the National Teaching Council (NTC) has it as priority to providing the Ghanaian child with the best of education as professional and quality teachers are being employed.


  1. Ghana be waya country. Analysis from Primary to Basic schools. Government schools have well trained and equipped teachers but Private schools who have untrained teachers perform better than Government Basic schools. Have they taught of it and find solutions to that. The same trained teachers allowed their wards to attend Private Schools for better education. I taught government schools are better than Private school but in our country is Vice Visa


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