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Will the UCC 3 semester course limit you to the basic school level forever? Here’s what we know


Why the 3 semester program ?

  1. The minimum qualification for being a teacher in Ghana has now been reviewed from Diploma to degree. This is not th first of it’s kind. It used to be Teacher’s Certificate ‘A’ and latter changed to diploma. We have now elevated to a new level which is now first degree.
  2. Anytime this change happens, the curriculum of teacher training institutions get restructured to reflect the new requirement. Currently, colleges of education are running 4 years bachelors degree programs(Early childhood, primary Education, and JHS Education)
  3. Some of us joined the lot to proposed that there should be a way to bridge the gap between in-service Teachers who are holding diploma and the preservice teachers. In-service Teachers underwent three good years of professional training and have some years of experience on the job. Whatever new things it is that the preservice teachers are learning for the extra one year could be learnt by in-service teachers in a year to bring them apar.
  4. Gnat, MOE and UCC negotiated and came out with the three semester topup course. Sandwich/online mode also known as blended learning was agreed upon. They wish it could be just two semesters but before a course would be accredited by the National accreditation Authority, it needs to meet a certain credit hours Standard, This mode and duration was by far the best they could come out with.
  5. Why the three special categories?

The Facts are;

  1. We are gradually shifting from general teaching to specialization for efficiency.
  2. GES has basically five areas where you can serve. Early childhood(KG), primary, JHS, SHS and Administration.
  3. The course contents for the topup have been crafted to make graduates specialists at a particular area in other to put them at a position where they can deliver better. So, it is prudent however to choose carefully the area you feel more comfortable with and the one that aligns with your aspirations.
  4. Would I be limited to the primary school forever after the topup? The answer is a resounding No !!!
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You have various paths you can chart. However Which ever path you wish to chart should be guided by your passion and future aspirations.You can choose to offer a second Degree program(Masters) that offers you the opportunity to leave GES to other sectors or even establish your own self with something.

You can also choose to read a subject specific area for your masters program that offers you the chance to teach at the SHS. Mphil in certain areas gives you even a better chance to lecture in colleges of education or university if you get the chance.

You can offer a masters program in administration if you aspire to become a head of a school, a SISO or Director.

NB: Your elective subject you read for your first degree usually have some level of influence on the course you can read for your masters program.

It is worth noting that, the certificate acquired after the 3semester course carries equal weight just like that of those completing colleges of education and those who went to campus (regular)

“if I understood well, we can offer our masters in the elective we did”

Yes, but you are not only limited to the elective subject area.

What about after the one year degree….if i want to leave do i do a different degree before going to the shs side?”

Every course you want to offer and it’s requirement. Some masters courses that takes you out of GES won’t accept it as a requirement while some will.

“How many year’s will one spent on doing his/her Master’s after the Top Up?”

The duration sometimes depends on the course and the university. Some Masters in education programs are one year while others are two years.

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Persons who will wish to do Masters of philosophy will have to spend two years.

Some courses you can read with the topup certificate to give you the chance to teach at the SHS includes but not limited to;

M. A Ghanaian language
Med English language
Med mathematics
Med science
Med Economics
Med Geography
Med information technology
**Selected based on current admission requirements.

Also, some courses you can read to give you the chance to serve at administration level or leave GES altogether includes but not limited to :

MA Education leadership and management.
MA religion and human Values
MA human resource Development
MA Human Resource Management
Med Teacher Education
Med Educational Psychology
MA public administration
MA social work
Med Mentorship
MA sociology of peace and security.
MA human rights, conflict Peace studies
**Also based on current admission requirements.

However, after the topup, apply for upgrade. You will be moved to the rank of principal superintendent.

How many years will you Serve before they approve you for the top up?

You were supposed to serve at least three complete years thus when you are in town but two years when you are in a village. But with the inception of this topup course, that’s no longer an issue. Even those doing National Service are qualified to enroll. You just have to serve the Education office with a notice and attach your admission letter.



Compiled by: Mr. Ralph



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